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Disability Services

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Assistive Technology Services (ATECH)
Evaluation and consultation for those in need of specialized equipment (wheelchairs, adaptive switches, communications, etc.).

Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired
A statewide no-cost program providing services to adults 55 and older, with significant vision loss, living at home.  Services may include assessment, skill training, and  adaptive aids and devices.

Association for the Blind, NH
Future in Sight
Individual, family, and peer support counseling and referral, group services, rehabilitation teaching, orientation and mobility training, low-vision services, volunteer services, technology and braille, technical aids and devices, public education, and diabetes education.

NH State Library Services to the Blind & Physically Handicapped – Talking Book Library
Talking books, free service to people with disabilities, including dyslexia. Supplies by mail, digital books and players.  Call for application information and details.    www.nh/nhsl/talkingbooks

Bureau of Special Education / NH State Department of Education
603-271-3741 Concord
Ensures that school districts provide a free and appropriate education to children who have educational disabilities. Parents should call the local school district first. If problems arise with the school, call the state department for help.               

Bureau of Special Medical Services, NH Dept. of Health & Human Services
1-800-852-3345, x4488
Health programs for diagnosis and treatment of children (ages 0-20) who have physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, or developmental delays.
TIMES: M – F 8 am – 4:30 pm

Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center (CMRC)
603-547-3311 Greenfield
Day and residential, also outpatient diagnostic and medical services; PT, OT, speech, audiology; driving evaluation and education.

Easter Seals New Hampshire
Assisting people with disabilities who are re-entering the work force
Child Resource & Referral.
Provides information and referrals for child care

Monadnock Developmental Services (MDS)  –  Birth to Three
Early Supports and Services
Provides early supports and services (early intervention) to children birth to age 3 and their families.  Initial evaluation process available to determine eligibility.

Northeast Passage
603-862-0070 Durham
1-800-735-2964 TTY for the hearing impaired.
Developing, delivering, and evaluating innovative barrier-free recreation and health promotion programs. Promotes client independence through education and problem solving, creating opportunities, and collaborating with others to create a strong network of accessible recreation.          email:

AUSTISM SPECIALTY SERVICES                                                                            Resource Center for Autism, Institute on Disability
Professional development and technical assistance, evaluation and diagnosis, and academic and research initiatives.

Ready, Set, Connect
Crotched Mountain’s autism program for young children provides ABA therapy in a lively and fun group setting.  Therapists work one-on-one with children to help them build skills, placing them on a path to success in school and at home. Locations in Concord, Manchester and Greenfield.

Adult Autism Life Coaching                                                                                                           603-547-3339                                                                                                                                     Amy Lowell – Life Coach  –  “Let your true colors shine!”
Certified in Autism Spectrum Disorders

RISE for Baby and Family
Provides early supports and services for families with children (birth to 3 years) who may have developmental or established delays.                    

Special Olympics
Participation in sports for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities.

ATECH (Assistive Technology) Services                                                                                       Hearing Network                                                                                                               
603-226-2900 Concord                                                                                                              Serving all of New Hampshire
Resources for school-aged children.                                                                    www.crotchedmountain .org

Monadnock Developmental Services (MDS)
603-924-4203 Peterborough
Provides assistance to individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities, children with chronic health conditions, and adults with an acquired brain disorder.  Services include residential and community participation supports, employment, family support, and information and referral.

Monadnock Worksource
603-924-3326 Peterborough
Provides services to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

IMPACCT ACADEMY                                                                                                                          In Partnership with NH Vocational Rehabilitation and GSIL                                       
A comprehensive and transitional program dedicated to helping students with disabilities become part of the local workforce as they navigate from high school to employment, post-secondary education, or training that leads towards a career.     or

New Hope/New Horizons (SCS)
Provides employment, day, outreach, and community residential supports for adults who have a developmental or an acquired disability.

Vocational Rehabilitation – Services for the Blind
Bruce Chipman
Assists people, 55 and older, with visual impairments and disabilities to secure employment.                                           

Work Incentives Resource Center (WIRC)
Information about benefits planning and work incentives for individuals with disabilities.

Granite State Independent Living (GSIL)
603-228-9680 Concord/Keene                                                                                                 Financial Planning & Disability Benefits Services  –
Using tools, resources, government benefits and work incentives available to help you create greater financial independence and achieve the best employment outcome.     “Ticket to Work” Employment Assistance –  Helping Social Security Disability recipients in NH gain employment and earn enough money to transition off of Social Security benefits.

Lukas Foundation and Community
603-878-4796 Temple
Year-round residential community serving the needs of adults of all ages with developmental disabilities, promoting human service through cooperative living, social interaction and spiritual activity as developed by Rudolph Steiner.

Monadnock Developmental Services
Will assist with residential services for adults who have service agreements with the agency.

NH Community Loan Fund
603-224-6669 Concord                                                                                                                   8:00 am – 4:30 pm
“Your Turn Homebuyer’s Assistance – Welcome Home Loan”                                         Manufactured home loans.  Making buying a new mobile home affordable.

NH Housing Finance Authority (NHHFA)
HOURS:  Mon-Thu 8:30am-5pm, Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
Accessible housing for people with disabilities.

Plowshare Farm 
603-547-2547 Greenfield
Plowshare Farm’s life sharing community offers an opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities to live, work, and grow in an extended family environment.

Robin Hill Farm
603-924-6531 Peterborough
Provides supportive residential treatment and rehabilitation for persons with an acquired brain injury, which may include traumatic brain injury, stroke, and anoxia. Short term, post acute, and longer term needs are addressed.

Also see Senior Services section pages.

Brain Injury Association of NH
Provides assistance to individuals and families, who have experienced a brain injury, to acquire supports and services in their communities.

NH Council on Developmental Disabilities
1-800-735-2964 TDD Concord
Supports public policies and initiatives that remove barriers and promote opportunities in all areas of life.  Education, advocacy and funding of innovative projects that make a difference in people’s lives.

Granite State Independent Living (GSIL)
603-228-9680 Keene
Provides tools and resources for people with disabilities to live life as they choose.

Information and Assisted Referral
The River Center
Provides locally accessible information and connections to information about financial benefits information, housing, food etc, by phone, walk-in or appointment.

Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire
603-228-2084 Concord
603-862-4320 Durham
The IOD envisions a future where all persons, including those living with disabilities, are fully engaged members of their communities.

UNH School of Law
603-228-1541 Concord
An independent, non-partisan research and policy institute that studies current New Hampshire issues involving the overlap of health care, social supports, and the law.

Monadnock Developmental Services (MDS)
603-924-4203 Peterborough
Information about services for children and adults of all ages who have or may have developmental problems. Also, family support services, case management, and respite care.

Monadnock Service Link
Information and supported referral and long term care counseling for seniors and adults with disabilities.

Monadnock Worksource
603-924-3326 Peterborough
Residential, vocational, therapeutic, and day activity services to adults with developmental disabilities.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
1-800-242-6264 (For New Hampshire)
603-924-6540 Peterborough (NAMI Monadnock)
703-516-7227 TDD for the hearing impaired
Support for families with a member who has a mental or emotional disorder.

Northeast Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (NDHHS)
603-224-1850 Concord
1-866-634-4764 TDD for the hearing impaired
NDHHS seeks to empower, educate and advocate for equal access and opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing citizens of New Hampshire.

Parent Information Center
1-800-947-7005 Concord
Information, support, advocacy, and training for parents about special education issues.
HOURS:  Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm

Parent to Parent of NH
Support, information, and referral from parents for parents of children with any special needs.

People First of NH
A non-profit organization directed by people who have disabilities for the purpose of self-advocacy.

Sight Services for Independent Living
A statewide no cost program providing services to adults 55 and older with significant vision loss living at home. Services may include assessment, skill training, and adaptive aids.

Social Security Administration
Federal program of financial and medical benefits for the elderly, the disabled, widows, and survivors. Supplementary Security Income provides cash payments to families with disabled children.

State Family Support Coordinator, Division of Developmental Services
1-800-735-2964 TDD for the hearing impaired.
Will direct you to available services for family members with disabilities.

Disability Rights Center
Insures access to appropriate services for people with disabilities.

AGES 3-21
SAU #1 ConVal Office of Special Education
Antrim, Bennington, Dublin, Francestown, Greenfield, Hancock,
Peterborough, Sharon, Temple.
HOURS:  Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm

SAU #47 Jaffrey-Rindge Office of Special Education
Jaffrey, Rindge.

SAU #87 Mascenic School District of Special Education
Greenville, New Ipswich, Mason.

Ready, Set, Connect!
An intensive 1:1 ABA program for young children with autism. Full, part-time and after school hours available at our clinics (Greenfield and Concord). Private insurance accepted.
603-547-3311 est. 1366



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